Sunday, December 12, 2010

Я папарацци...

I wont write in Russian for this one because unfortunately my vocabulary sort of limits me to saying things like, "And then we ran screaming like idiots with horrible American accents up to some boys and said 'Hey boys we really like your style and we write a fashion blog! Can we take your picture?'" And then I usually write about everyone's "very unique" (но я узнала, что "очень уникальный"--нельзя!) personal style. But one glorious day back in September I stumbled across a group of stunningly good-looking and well dressed young Russians (и как обычно, я кричала "Мальчики, мальчики, можно снимать фотографию вас?) and was trying to take pictures of them with my camera that I don't know how to use/it's actually broken. More and more beautiful people kept congregating in this one spot and I had no idea why until suddenly this beautiful man pulled up on a vespa and leapt off and then someone started taking pictures of them and I felt like a huge idiot. Thanks to the October issue of Sobaka magazine (I wish I could find a link but their website doesn't work), I found out that these glorious youths are all Saint Petersburg jewelry designers. Hellllllla fly style!

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